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Duc Thanh Museum: in Phan Thiet City center was previously a school where Nguyen Tat Thanh, then known as Ho Chi Minh, taught in 1910 prior to going to France for his extended studies. It is now a museum exhibiting Ho Chi Minh memorabilia.

Ke Ga Light House: is located about an hour's drive southwest of the Pandanus Resort. The tallest (65m) and oldest lighthouse in Southeast Asia was built by the French in 1897/98 on a small island some 300 metres off the coast and is accessible by foot during low tide. Otherwise, small boats are often on hand to make the short trip.

The Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien): traverses another small canyon that has been created over the centuries by a stream that cuts through bamboo groves, boulders and the multi-colored dunes. Visitors take off their shoes and trek through the mostly ankle-deep water of the stream while taking pictures of the surreal-shaped colorful canyon walls. 

The Fishermen Show: is a Hollywood style culture and water dance show presented inside a large theater in Phu Hai ward built in 2016 specifically for this presentation.

The RD Wine Castle: was built to resemble some of the castle-shaped wineries in California's Napa Valley. The owner of the winery owns a separate winery in Napa and the wines that are bottled on site are shipped from the Napa Valley in bulk.

The Red Canyon (Khu Da Ngoai): is located just beyond the Red Sand Dunes. It is a small canyon that has been created by the wind and the rain at the bottom of the dunes. The walls of the canyon are bright orange and their shape looks rather surreal.

The Red Sand Dunes (Doi Cat): are located adjacent to the Pandanus Resort and cover an area of about 50 ha. They are the smaller of the two Phan Thiet area sand dunes. A visit to the Red Sand Dunes is the most popular at sunset, as people gather to watch the sun setting into the ocean from the top of the sand hills. Don't forget to bring water! 

The Viet Sand Art Exhibition: is the newest attraction in the Phan Thiet area. The works of sand art and sculptures have been created by a group of local sand sculpting artists. It is located opposite the university campus in Phu Hai Ward.

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